What is Spaceborne: Your Adventure Across A New Sci-Fi Metaverse

3 min readMar 30, 2022


Welcome to Spaceborne!

Welcome to the Spaceborne Universe, a space where likeminded sci-fi adventurers can come together and build their story across the stars.

Spaceborne offers players the chance to engage in a fun and exciting sci-fi journey allowing players to participate in both 2D and 3D gameplay while earning resources and credits that can be exchanged for a virtual currency. Spaceborne is excited to deliver its 3D PVP and PVE racing game where players can compete to earn and complete quests and missions to earn rare cosmetics and credits through a racing seasons pass. The 2D web-based game allows players to explore and discover across the Spaceborne Universe and even battle and defend on planets and empires. Players can unite with friends by joining one of three civilizations, trade in a dedicated in-game marketplace, and customise your player profile to stand out amongst the crowd.

The mission for the Spaceborne development team is to create a multi-chain universe incorporating 2D and 3D gameplay with the blockchain integration of other projects into the very heart of our project. Spaceborne’s players will be able to immerse themselves in the exploration of space, stars, and planets where they can forge their own future amongst the stars.

“Spaceborne combines the freedom of exploration, the thrill of combat and racing, and the unique challenge of building your story across the universe. The Spaceborne team aims to contribute innovation in the metaverse by bringing together talented people that combine creativity and passion towards gaming and the sci-fi genre.” — Yevgen, Founder & CEO of Spaceborne.

Looking for Reasons to join the Spaceborne Metaverse?

  • Off-Chain Transaction System
  • Scholarship Model
  • Ready to Play NFTs
  • Scalable 2D & 3D Assets
  • Experienced Team in P2E and Cross-Chain Development
  • Ability to White Label Game as Service
  • Balanced Play and Earn Economic and Earning Model

Play and Earn Partnerships

Spaceborne has more than 20 partnerships ready to announce over the next month through the marketing and launch phase of the game. Keep an eye out across Spaceborne’s social media to find out who we are partnered with!

Quick facts about Spaceborne:

  • SOLIS is the official rewards token of Spaceborne, which is used to purchase in-game items and assets both within the marketplace and between players
  • SBRN, on the other hand, is focused on metaverse governance
  • With the release of Spaceborne, all in-game assets will be delivered to players as direct-owned non-fungible digital tokens or NFTs
  • Players will possess complete control of their purchased assets
  • Assets will be secured, verifiable, and authenticated on the blockchain

Spaceborne players can acquire in-game assets and NFTs to grow their corporate and military empires, explore and discover unique star systems and planets on distant alien-like worlds, compete in PVP and PVE racing, and battle in high-stakes combat against other empires and worlds across the universe. Spaceborne offers the opportunity for players to join a metaverse game that introduces revolutionary balanced economic business model, coupled with an entertaining 2D and 3D video game and the development of blockchain technology by an experienced player-focused team where players can earn by dedicating their time and effort.

Come and explore with us, join us here www.spaceborne.io!


Spaceborne is a new ambitious sci-fi metaverse NFT game that operates on the Binance Smart Chain, with the Polygon blockchain migration in development, and that allows players to join a virtual universe where they can explore and earn through a play and earn gaming experience that focuses on player entertainment and social interaction.

Did you know, you can learn more in the official Spaceborne Whitepaper!


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Spaceborne is a new sci-fi metaverse game delivering a unique gaming experience by utilising blockchain technology and core-game mechanics. discord.gg/ykEpqU67q