Spaceborne Offers an Industry Leading Solution to the Play-to-Earn Paradox

The Play to Earn Paradox and How Spaceborne Introduces Solutions

There has been a massive paradigm shift in the play-to-earn metaverse world due to the collective changes and movements in the crypto-micro market. These movements have forced naturally high APR earning play-to-earn projects to move away from the oracle model, lower APR and returns, or naturally collapse due to the strain imposed on their economy. Many play-to-earn projects compete with one another, offering unrealistic and unsustainable earning models to players and investors with little thought and consideration for the longevity and health of the project. The consequences of poor decision making and economic practices by many play-to-earn projects have become evident in the past couple of months, witnessing the collapse of many play-to-earn projects that cannot sustain scalability and consistently high APR earning models. Projects that wish to offer earning opportunities for players must move away from the play-to-earn paradox that focuses too much on financial distribution rather than financial regeneration. These projects should focus on generating external revenue streams, not from only earning assets or NFTs but from non-earning assets that involve delivering entertainment for players. In another sense, these games should be referred to as “play and earn” games where earning is not the primary focus of the game but instead an effect of spending time playing.

The primary challenge here is that the majority of players in the play-to-earn sector are playing with the sole purpose of making more money. This is because there is an overall lack of social or entertainment value in most play-to-earn games. Players tend to invest in that which they can guarantee to receive back. This means most projects rely on consistent buy pressure of earning assets and NFTs with a fairly limited time frame for survival.

The Spaceborne Team are one of the first projects to approach this issue in a healthy fashion.

Spaceborne will be a play and earn game, where the focus of the development team will be to increase the entertainment and social value by providing a fun and attractive 2D and 3D game that players can enjoy and want to be apart of to simply play. The outcome of playing will be that players can earn — however, this is done so in a sustainable and balanced fashion. Increasing the social and entertainment value of Spaceborne will increase screen time for players and interaction for the player, providing a positive base to leverage for adverts and ensuring a healthy, consistent player base.

Spaceborne features a dual token economy that includes the SOLIS token, an unlimited rewards token with significant utility, and SBRN, a limited DAO governance token with significant utility in-game. Spaceborne creates an economy where direct in-game APR is indicative of the overall health of the project, and to increase APRs for players, the development will be focused on [external] revenue generation (i.e. demonetized purchase options) that includes cosmetics in the form of loot boxes and keys; these provide players with skins that can be used to customize the appearance of their NFT assets or even personalize their player profiles. Alternative revenue streams for Spaceborne also include a range of in-game tax/fee mechanics that are applied to balance the in-game economy and earnings. Other options include mining permits for some assets and NFTs, fuel and repair costs for spaceship assets, additional buildings available for planet owners, spaceship upgrades, the season pass, the marketplace tax, the galactic lottery and other chance-based features that all provide external revenue for the project.

The 3D racing game also offers a healthy revenue stream for the project. Players can mint a racing spaceship and participate in racing matches to win a match prize pool by contributing SOLIS tokens to the rewards pool. The Spaceborne team take a small percentage of this reward pool to balance the in-game economy and earning model. This enables Spaceborne to have a healthy income flow from ranked matches while also allowing players to earn tokens by playing and winning. Spaceborne can also offer parts of the Spaceborne universe as a paid service for other projects (game as a service) and easily incorporate unique adverts into the racing game as billboards.

Lastly, the Spaceborne team understands the significance of creating sustainable economic models, especially in regards to developing a play and earn metaverse game. The team has also introduced critical economic features to obtain a unique, well-balanced, long-term sustainable game economy.

The next article will discuss the economic features used in the Spaceborne game to balance the economy and earning model in-game.

Did you know you can also learn more in the official Spaceborne Whitepaper!


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Spaceborne is a new sci-fi metaverse game delivering a unique gaming experience by utilising blockchain technology and core-game mechanics.