Exclusive: A Deep Dive into Spaceborne’s Off-Chain Transaction System

Introducing the Reality of Instant Transactions on In-Game Operations


All NFTs and assets are based on the blockchain. They can be minted by players and fully controlled by players. Players have unique ownership over their NFTs. However, once the NFT/asset is minted or created through the marketplace in-game, it can then be moved off-chain — moving the asset off the blockchain. Players will be able to swap between these states when they wish. Players may want to remain in an on-chain status when transferring or selling their NFT/asset on the marketplace. All other actions can be completed using the off-chain status, these are known as interactions, when your NFT/asset interacts with other in-game objects, an example of this might be when you send your spaceship on a journey between planets. Keep in mind, there are some in-game assets that can be acquired with resources (an off-chain currency) that cannot be traded or sold on the marketplace, these assets are primarily off-chain assets and cannot be moved on-chain and transfered between wallets, an example of this might be planet buildings.


All transactions in the Spaceborne universe are conducted off-chain with exceptions, including the purchase/minting/trading of NFTs on the marketplace and the withdrawal of in-game funds into the game’s native tokens. With the off-chain transaction system, players have zero cost for using their NFTs and assets, unlike the costs associated with blockchain interactions. Transactions in the off-chain system can be completed in-game through ownership of in-game currencies. These currencies are not associated with nor interact with typical blockchain mechanics. This means that off-chain transactions have no gas fees, are not publically recorded, and can be instantly processed within the in-game system. Likewise, the trading and minting of NFTs and assets using the game’s native tokens are recorded on the blockchain, as per standard. There is a small collection of off-chain in-game currencies in Spaceborne with varying utility. These include Galaxy Credits, Racing Credits, and five different resources. These in-game currencies can be acquired by playing the Spaceborne game. Some of these currencies can be exchanged with the project’s native token or even used to advance your position and value in the Spaceborne universe. Some assets can also be manufactured and built in-game using resources.

Galaxy Credits are the secondary form of reward currency used to pay for various in-game mechanics, such as fuel, repairs, and mining permits. Racing credits, also an off-chain reward currency, can be obtained by participating in racing gameplay and used for racing ship upgrades and cosmetics. Lastly, there are a variety of resources in the Spaceborne universe. These are split between refined and unrefined resources. Refined resources are a type of off-chain reward currency used to build buildings and structures on planets, ship manufacturing, and that can also be exchanged for the SOLIS token. Refined resources can also be traded on the marketplace between players. Unrefined resources are the last type of off-chain reward currency in Spaceborne. Unrefined resources are rewarded by using a range of play and earn NFTs and assets in the Spaceborne universe, such as through mining mechanics. Unrefined resources have no value until they are refined at a refining station. These in-game reward currencies create an interesting and vibrant in-game economy for players that match the scale and depth of the Spaceborne universe.

Benefits for players

This off-chain transaction system brings a range of benefits for players. For instance, this allows the creation of unlimited in-game currencies, increasing the depth of the in-game economy by introducing a variety of in-game resources with different useability. There are other clear benefits, such as instant transaction time on activities in-game while in the process of using NFTs and assets. Off-chain transactions are also not recorded for public interaction, therefore increasing the decentralization of the process for the player due to how other players cannot track your interactions with NFTs and assets. Off-chain transactions are recorded in-game, and a history/timeline of transactions can be easily tracked and generated by players — allowing players to analyze incoming and outgoing costs to assets. This feature can also make it easier for players to interact and play within the Spaceborne universe. Players can interact in-game in activities using in-game currencies as well as their own unique player profile, enabling players to join civilizations. It is now possible to create a fun and engaging 2D web-based sci-fi management and strategy game with the off-chain transaction system, making it very similar to traditional games detached from the blockchain while still ensuring a digital reward currency through the use of play and earn NFTs and assets which can be exchanged to the games native rewards token, SOLIS.

Spaceborne Racing

Did you know, you can learn more in the official Spaceborne Whitepaper!


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