Announcing the Spaceborne Concept Trailer: Our Mission in the Metaverse

The Spaceborne Concept Trailer

Spaceborne’s Gameplay Pillars

Spaceborne allows players to captain a series of NFT spaceships and take off across the universe, discovering planets, asteroids, artefacts, salvage, gas clouds and other assets and objects. Players will be able to get involved in the 3D racing game and explore the vast landscapes of the racing tracks made available for players which are both land based and space born. With more planets being discovered and the universe expanding throughout the development of the ambitious roadmap, there is increasingly more for players to explore and discover across Spaceborne.

Players can choose any path they like in the Spaceborne Universe. Want to mine asteroids, collect salvage, deliver cargo, harvest intergalactic gas, refine raw materials, attack other players, discover unique artefacts, race across space, and battle in intergalactic fights? Spaceborne provides all of this with more on the horizon. Players also have the unique chance to customize their player profiles in-game, where they can unlock avatars, background images, and banners. Players can also unlock other cosmetics like spaceship skins that can be applied across all NFT spaceships in Spaceborne.

Compete against friends and foes in player vs player combat in the 3D PVP racing game or by attacking and defending in intergalactic planetary conflict. The 3D racing game allows players to get involved in both ranked and unranked gameplay to win an end-game rewards payout.

Players can unite in Spaceborne by joining friends and foes in the 3D PVP/PVE Racing game that is expected to release in Q2 2022. Players also have the unique choice of joining one of three civilizations in the Spaceborne Universe. By joining a civilization, you can work together with others to compete for your civilizations’ dominance in the universe by climbing on player and civilization leaderboards. Players will also have dedicated chat groups for these civilizations with the ability to create sub-guilds coming in the near future.

Spaceborne has a dedicated in-game marketplace that enables players to trade by selling to and between players, purchasing assets using the SOLIS token, and also selling in-game resources back to the project. Players have the chance to craft, mint, and customize NFTs in the Spaceborne marketplace. The Spaceborne marketplace will also facilitate asset/NFT auctions without relying on external auction sites.

Build your space empire on player-owned NFT planets where players can build up their defences and offensive capabilities by gathering in-game resources. Players can build armies on their planets and begin conquering the universe by battling other players and managing their assets. Players can earn the in-game currency by winning and raiding enemy resources. Players can build up their resources and empire power in order to upgrade any buildings such as barracks, energy reactors, residential zones and more to increase their rank and domination over other player owned planets. Planet owners can create space stations and depots offering intergalactic services to players offering repair and trading services, and more. Players can specialize in a variety of different gameplay elements in this building process.

Our Mission in the Metaverse

Spaceborne’s mission is to deliver a multi-chain universe in the heart of the blockchain and metaverse community that offers users a futuristic sci-fi 2D web-based strategy and management game alongside 3D-based gameplay. By participating in gameplay, players can earn a virtual in-game currency which they can use to advance their position in-game or exchange for an external token value. Spaceborne is able to deliver such a game by having an experienced team in blockchain technology, game development, and the play and earn sector. Likewise, the earning aspect of Spaceborne has been made possible due to the highly robust economic model created by the team that ultimately focuses on revenue generation rather than revenue distribution. Spaceborne is backed by a comprehensive development plan that places significance of developing monetized game assets to support the longevity of the project. The Spaceborne team aims to contribute innovation in the metaverse community by bringing together talented people that combine creativity and passion for gaming, the sci-fi genre, and blockchain technology.

Did you know you can learn more in the official Spaceborne Whitepaper!


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Spaceborne is a new sci-fi metaverse game delivering a unique gaming experience by utilising blockchain technology and core-game mechanics.